One of the most drastic changes in our post-pandemic world is the enormous increase in utilizing online communication platforms. 

Whether it’s to host meetings or connect with businesses, the growth of telecommunication has hit nearly every industry, therapy included. 

So, what are the benefits of using online therapy? 

Is it all that different than in-person therapy?

With rates of mental illness exploding around the world, more and more people are turning to therapy for guidance and support. 

Due to teletherapy’s own unique set of benefits, it has recently hit an all-time high and is predicted to only further continue on this upward trajectory. 

If you’re considering counseling and you’re curious about the benefits teletherapy can bring to your life, read on. 

What Is Teletherapy?

Before we jump into the ways teletherapy can benefit you, let’s quickly go over what teletherapy exactly is. 

Teletherapy is any type of mental health service offered over the phone. This isn’t strictly limited to phone calls, however, as many sessions are performed through video conferences. 

Online therapy can also consist of online chats and emails to directly connect you with your therapist at any time (within their available hours).

With 91.6% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, teletherapy provides access to mental health services that many communities were unable to utilize before. 

What Does A Teletherapy Session Look Like?

While online therapy is unique, it’s not all that different from an in-person session. 

After going over the paperwork and legal forms, your online counselor will ask you basic questions to get to know you better. 

Once you and your therapist have established a relationship, you’ll dive more into what brings you to therapy. If opening up and exposing your deepest, darkest secrets sounds terrifying to you, don’t stress. Your therapist will start slowly, and you’re allowed to go at whatever pace feels most comfortable to you. 

Your teletherapist will often take the lead in initiating conversation and the flow of the session if it ever lays stagnant, so don’t worry about any awkward silences. 

A large fraction of both online and in-person therapists use forms of ‘talk therapy’: simply giving their clients space to talk freely about any pressing issues, whether immediate or chronic. 

Your counselor will offer support, guidance, advice, and sometimes may assign you ‘homework’ to do throughout the week. 

These all build upon one another and allow you to build healthier coping mechanisms, thinking patterns, and habits. 

3 Benefits of Teletherapy:

Now that we have a solid understanding of what teletherapy is, let’s discuss the specific ways in which it can be an advantage over in-person therapy. 

1. Privacy and Comfort

Dating back decades, much of society felt as though only ‘crazy’ people needed to go to therapy. Unfortunately, the stigma of seeing a therapist still exists. 

While this is completely untrue, many people who desperately want to go to therapy, don’t, for fear of being seen entering or leaving their counselors office. 

Online therapy allows you to access the services you need, while never having to step foot out the door. 

By staying in the comfort of your own home, you’re able to talk with your counselor from your bed, your kitchen table, or your couch – nowhere is off limits. In addition, many clients who feel comfortable in their own space are more likely to open up about their life.

2. Flexibility

One of the most obvious perks of using online therapy is the flexibility you have when scheduling your sessions.

If you’re someone with a busy lifestyle, online therapy is much easier to fit into your daily routine. You can schedule a session for 9 a.m without having to worry about commuting through morning traffic, or getting ready for the day beforehand. 

Or, perhaps you’re a mom, and trying to find a babysitter while you attend a therapy session has always stopped you from getting the help you need. With online therapy, you don’t have to worry about finding childcare and can simply walk over to the next room. 

Whatever kind of lifestyle you live, teletherapy can fit into it. 

3. No Travel Restrictions

Do you live in a rural area with not even a grocery store around for miles?

Or, maybe you don’t have a car and can’t travel anytime you’d like. 

Maybe you live in a bustling city like New York and trying to get anywhere is more hassle than it’s worth.

If you’re someone with any sort of travel restriction, teletherapy is made for you. 

For those living in communities where mental health services were once hours away, are now able to access therapy no matter where they are. 

Without having to worry about the commute, online therapy becomes much more plausible for those in difficult transportation situations. 

Online Therapy Is The Way Of The Future:

These days, you can do almost anything online. From filling prescriptions, to tracking a shark, to taking a virtual tour of space – the options are limitless. 

We do nearly everything online, so why not therapy?

Therapy has never been more accessible, comfortable, flexible, and easy. 

No matter what kind of life you live – if you’re a homebody that would rather stay away from the public, or if you’re an on-the-go businesswoman – teletherapy is able to fit wherever you need it to in your schedule. 

Long gone are the days of worrying you may see a familiar face as you arrive for your therapy session. Allow yourself the gift of therapy from right inside the four walls of your home.

Don’t allow the stigma of getting help keep you in a dark place. Don’t allow the fear of judgment stop you from healing from your past, learning how to better the relationships in your life, and growing in your emotional maturity. 

Let online therapy be an option.