Marc Linovitz, LMSW (Outpatient Clinician)

Marc Linovitz, LMSW has been practicing for over thirty years as a therapist working with children, adults and families with a range of mental health disorders in Private Day Schools, Residential Center and Out-Patient Mental Health Clinics.

Marc believes in using a holistic approach with clients by exploring the relationship between one’s own thoughts, beliefs, actions and preferred outcomes. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also utilized to help clients effect changes in negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Marc believes that everyone has the ability and potential to feel better and make more positive choices. Clients are encouraged to carefully explain why they are seeking treatment and what they would like to achieve. Together we will develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Marc earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Michigan State University majoring in Social Work and a Masters of Social Work Degree from Wayne State University. Marc earned his LCSW license in 1993 in Virginia and his LMSW license in 2020 after returning to Michigan.

I Work With Individuals, Couples & Families.

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